Ice Cream Dream Car is a Season One Cutie Car.


  • Name: Ice Cream Dream Car
  • Model: Fun Food Van
  • Features: A set of cool wheels to whip around town!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Dislikes traffic cones; They make the ice cream taste funny!


Likes to serve up sweet treats around town. She's the Cutie Car everyone dreams about. She stops for everyone she sees to share what she has! She's such a softy at heart!


Ice Cream Dream Car is a lavender van with a fuchsia face, wheels and interior. She has pink bear ears and a white muzzle. Beneath the window on each side is a white and violet striped pattern, and each stripe has a pink heart on it. Her roof is white, and it is covered in fuchsia sprinkles and syrup.


  • Ice Cream Dream Car and her Shopkin share the same mold as Soft Swerve from the Freezy Riders Collection.
  • Her Shopkin resembles the Season Four Shopkin Ice Cream Queen.
  • She is the third character with a name variant of "Ice Cream Dream".


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