Isabell is a Lil' Shoppie released in August 2018 as apart of Happy Places Season Five.

In the same month, a Lil' Secrets version of her was released the Pretty Paws Secret Lock.

Happy Places Bio

"Happiness is… Being the bell of the ball! With bells in her hair and bells on her toes, she has music wherever she goes! You will always hear Isabell before you see her. She jingles about searching for Petkins at Rainbow Beach! Even if you don’t remember her name, her face always rings a bell!"


Isabell has fair skin and gold eyes. Her lips are pink and she has orange freckles. Her hair is half lilac and half deep purple, worn in braided pigtails with a cone-like bun on top, adorned by two large gold bells. Her bangs are straight cut with a split at the middle. She wears a turquoise top with bell sleeves and a row of tiny, molded bells around the bottom to accent the single, bigger gold one beneath her collar. Her balloon skirt shaped like a giant gold bell and is paired with deep purple leggings, and gold boots with a bow adorned by a bell and scalloped fabric beneath it.


  • In the Lil' Secrets line, her name is "Bell."


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