Isla Hibiscus is a Lil' Shoppie that was released in August 2018 as a part of Happy Places Season Five. She was also released as a full-sized Shoppie in December 2018 as a part of the second wave of Beach Style! Shoppies.


Happiness is... Being a natural beauty!
Isla Hibiscus covers herself in the prettiest petals she can find. Her blossoming outfit is as bright as her smile and has the scent of a sweet summer's day! Rainbow Beach is the perfect place to pick out a fresh new look every morning!


Happy Places

Isla has a light complexion and vibrant blue eyes. Her lip are light pink to match her hair, which is gathered in a low drill ponytail with matching forelocks, one tucked behind her ear along with her long bangs. She wears a large, hot pink hibiscus flower on her head. Her outfit is composed of a hot pink tank-top with a white flower lei and a grass skirt with a sky blue hibiscus on the corner and hot pink sandals with hibiscus over the toe.


Isla has fair skin an pink blushed cheeks. Her lips and eye-shadow are pale pink and each eye has a tiny star in it. Her soft pink hair is entirely pulled into a tight, thick curling ponytail. She wears a pink headband with two dark pink hibiscus, two tiny white flowers, and leaf. She wears a layered hot pink top with a pale pink hibiscus at the corner of her chest, two hot pink bracelets, a purple wrap around the waist covered in hot pink hibiscus, and white sandals with pale pink hibiscus and leaf.


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