Jellica is a Hungry Puppy Cafeteria Lil' Shoppie released In June 2017 as a part of Happy Places Season Three.


Jellica loves getting set for a sweet time in the Hungry Puppy Cafeteria with her Petkins. Sweet and unique, they broke the mold when Jellica was born! Hardly ever seen standing still, she's always bouncing off the walls!


A fair skinned girl with dark pink lips and green eyes. She has light pink hair worn in a ponytail or bun shaped like cubes of jello that have braids wrapped around them. Her bangs have a similar shape and frame her face. She wears a pink semi-translucent, gradient puffy dress and pale pink boots with a ribbon on the side and the foot resembling jello.


  • Her box portrays the molds of the Petkins that come with her as drastically different in coloration and face positions than the figures that actually come with her.


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