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Jenni Lantern is a Shoppie released in January 2019 as a part of Lil' Secrets Season Two.


You're Invited...
You're invited to... to a Pop Up Magical Slumber Party! Your wish has been granted! Open up Jenni Lantern's magic locket and discover a tiny place to relax. With movies, games and a cozy couch what could be more dreamy than chilling with a Genie!
Jenni Lantern


Jenni Lantern has tanned skin with light purple and lilac eyes, lips, and eye-makeup, and wears pale pink blush. Her long, deep purple hair is worn in a thick braided ponytail with streaks of sky blue through it, held by an ornate gold accessory to match her decorative eye mask. She wears a deep purple bikini-like top with the bottom lined in pale pink and adorned by a gold ornament at the middle connected to her choker, matching bracelets, and deep purple undergarments with glittery lace pants over them. Her gold pumps have stylized heels. 



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