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Jenny Penny is a one-of-a-kind Shopkin who is the 1000th Shopkin ever made. She was sold on eBay for £4,100 which is approximately $5342.30 USD. The auction started at only 99 cents. All proceeds from the auction went to the Toy Trust.


Jenny Penny: Sweet and unique, Jenny Penny is always making cents and loves to be in mint condition wherever she goes! She's a one of a kind Shopkin who is definitely worth a pretty penny!


Jenny Penny is a metallic golden penny with star designs on her. The back of her says "1000," symbolizing that she is the one-thousandth Shopkin made.


  • Jenny Penny is the second one-of-a-kind Shopkin, the first being Gemma Stone, and the third being Winnie Award.
  • She appears to be significantly larger than most Shopkins.
  • She is the first Shopkin whose eyes are the same color as her body.
  • She is similar in appearance an unnamed coin Shopkin that frequently appears in the Shopkins app.