Jessicake is one of the original Shoppies released in October 2015. In 2016, a Limited Edition golden variant of Jessicake was sold at the San Diego Comic Con. 

Jessicake was released as a Happy Places Dreamy Bear Lil' Shoppie in August 2016 as part of Season One. 

In 2016, the character also made an appearance in the Chef Club Shoppie series, with a different face sculpt, outfit and hair.  

In June 2017, a World Vacation variant of her was made for Season Eight Wave One.

In January 2018, a Wild Style version of her was released. This variant corresponds to the Shoppet Pupkin Cake and the Color Change Cuties Tribe.

In August 2018, a new version of her was released with the Lil' Secrets line.


Jessicake - The Cupcake Cutie

Life's a piece of cake for this little sweetie! Smart, sensible and always tastefully dressed, she loves to top off a day of shopping by sprinkling her Shopkins friends Coco Cupcake & Cherry Cake with treats from her favorite cafe!

Favorite Hobby: Cupcake Decorating

Shopkins BFF: Coco Cupcake & Cherry Cake

Favorite Place To Shop: The Cupcake Cafe



Jessicake is a fair skinned girl with bright blue eyes and hair pulled into a large ponytail flared on end, adorned with a pink headband that has cream, a large cherry, red ribbon, and a cupcake on it. She has pink lips and blush. Her bangs are swept to the left. She wears a pink striped top with a magenta ribbon and a turquoise pleat skirt with white, yellow, and fuchsia sprinkles. Her dark pink high heel shoes have a cherry shaped heel and a dollop of cream at the toe, each adorned with a small cherry.

San Diego Comic Con

The Golden Cupcake Jessicake has yellow eyes with tiny cupcakes in them and glittery gold eye-shadow. Her pursed lips are yellow and she has a rosy blush. Her blonde hair has straightened bangs and is worn loose in a thick wave. Gold tinsel is strewn through her hair, and across her head is a thick braid adorned with the ornament from her original style but painted yellow and gold with glittery. Her top is styled likewise, while her skirt is a two-layered pleat reminiscent of a cupcake wrapper. She wears yellow heels with cream on the toe and a cupcake heel.

Happy Places

Her Dreamy Bear version has light pink lips and her hair is worn in curled pigtails with a frilly red sleep mask covered in white sprinkles. She wears a pink and white top trim with red ruffles and a light blue ribbon wrapped beneath the chest, paired with pink pajama pants and red slippers.

In Pampered Pony, she wears her hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun with a magenta helmet that has a ribbon on the side adorned by a cupcake and white dollops of cream. Her lips are dark pink. She wears a dark pink riding jacket with a pale pink ribbon held by a cupcake, white pants, and pale pink boots with a cupcake on the side of the foot and cream lined cuff.

Chef Club

Jessicake has pale pink lips and wears her straightened hair loose with her curled forelocks layered over her side-swept bangs and streaked with light pink. She wears a violet hat with white cream and yellow sprinkles covering it, and a pale pink ribbon on the side held by a cupcake. Her dress is red with white vertical stripes on the top and frilly white and light blue collar, where a red cherry sits at the center. A large pale pink and yellow sprinkle cupcake hangs from the middle of her waist with a blue heart at the middle to accent the waistband. She also wears white tights and a pair of light blue and pink frosting drip heels with a white cuff and cherry at the center. 

World Vacation

Jessicake wears a soft blush, red lipstick, and peach eye-shadow. Her hair is pulled into a thick ponytail with a braid through it, one section being entirely red to match the lining of her side-swept bangs. She wears a red headband with a white and red cupcake that has a crown ornament. She wears a red dress with a white frilly middle and dark blue collar. Her puffed sleeves are pale pink, and her skirt is scalloped with a curling line design above it, shaped to reveal blue fabric with a Union Jack on the left and lace trim. She wears blue short boots with a cupcake heel and a Union Jack at the middle. The tongue and shoelaces are red with a crown at the middle.

Wild Style

She has red lips and rosy cheeks, and she has a shaped dot in each eye. Her hair is worn loose and straightened, and she has dark apricot puppy ears, paws, and tail. She wears a dark apricot headband with a white, black-spotted bow at the middle and a cupcake on it. She wears an apricot dress with a frilly white apron over it adorned by four blue buttons and dark blue and black spots covering the skirt portion. Her skirt is covered in pink paws and cupcakes and a ruffled pink hem. At the neck is a pale pink bow-tie with a paw on it. Her heels are white and dark apricot with stylized heel.

Lil' Secrets

Jessicake has pale blue eyes and wears pale pink lipstick, light blush, and pale blue eye-shadow. Her hair is worn in two, thickly curled pigtails and her bangs are partially brushed to the side, with her forelocks framing her face. She has streaks of peach throughout her hair, and she wears a white headband with a wing and cupcake on each side. She wears a white dress with wing sleeves and a winged cupcake ornament at the middle connected to her frilly choker. Her skirt is scalloped in two layers, both peach and apricot lining, the top of which has an apricot stylized heart pattern, the second having a pattern of white and pale blue stripes with alternate colored hearts around the bottom. Hanging from the back are scalloped white and pale blue striped ribbon tails. Her white heels are two pale pink gem hearts at the center connected to apricot fabric going up the leg. She also wears white frilly gloves with apricot bracelets, and she has sprinkle wings.


She comes with Coco Cupcake and Cherry Cake, who are also her BFF's. She also comes with a cupcake purse, a cupcake brush, a VIP card, and a doll stand.

Her Limited Edition San Diego Comic Con exclusive, Golden Cupcake Jessicake, comes with the same accessories now with a golden finish. She has a gold stand instead of the usual clear stand.

Her Chef Club version comes with the same accessories, but now have Cupcake Petal and Cherry Nice Cupcake as the Shopkins, has a different look, and doesn't come with a purse.


  • Her name is a pun on the name "Jessica".
  • Her prototype name was Cuppycake.
  • Her backcard mentions and shows a picture of the Cupcake Cafe which shares a striking resemblance to the Cupcake Queen Cafe.
  • Only 2000 of her San Diego Comic Con variant were produced.
  • The SDCC version of Jessicake has tiny images of cupcakes in her eyes.
  • She was the first Shoppie to appear in the webseries.
  • The voice actress who provides Jessicake's voice is Cassandra Lee.


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