Jessicake is one of the original Shoppies released in October 2015. In 2016, a Limited Edition golden variant of Jessicake was sold at the San Diego Comic Con. 

Jessicake was released as a Happy Places Dreamy Bear Lil' Shoppie in August 2016 as part of Season One. 

In 2016, the character also made an appearance in the Chef Club Shoppie series, with a different face sculpt, outfit and hair.  

In June 2017, a World Vacation variant of her was made for Season Eight Wave One.

In January 2018, a Wild Style version of her was released. This variant corresponds to the Shoppet Pupkin Cake and the Color Change Cuties Tribe.

In August 2018, a new version of her was released with the Lil' Secrets line.


Jessicake - The Cupcake Cutie

Life's a piece of cake for this little sweetie! Smart, sensible and always tastefully dressed, she loves to top off a day of shopping by sprinkling her Shopkins friends Coco Cupcake & Cherry Cake with treats from her favorite cafe!

Favorite Hobby: Cupcake Decorating

Shopkins BFF: Coco Cupcake & Cherry Cake

Favorite Place To Shop: The Cupcake Cafe


Jessicake is a fair skinned girl with bright blue eyes and hair pulled into a large curled ponytail. An elastic band holds her forelock, which goes down to her mouth, in place.  She wears a pink striped top with a magenta ribbon and a blue pleat skirt with white, yellow, and fuchsia sprinkles. Her pink high heel shoes have a cherry shaped heel and a dollop of cream at the toe, each adorned with a small cherry. Her pink headband is adorned with a red ribbon, a cherry, a cupcake, and a dollop of cream.

In July 2016, the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Golden Cupcake Jessicake was revealed. This variant of Jessicake has gold eyes, gold, glittery eye shadow, blonde hair with tinsel, and pursed gold lips. Her top, headband, and shoes are the same sculpts as the original Jessicake, but repainted gold and glittery. Her skirt is now gold and pleated to look like the design of a cupcake wrapper.


She comes with Coco Cupcake and Cherry Cake, who are also her BFF's. She also comes with a cupcake purse, a cupcake brush, a VIP card, and a doll stand.

Her Limited Edition San Diego Comic Con exclusive, Golden Cupcake Jessicake, comes with the same accessories now with a golden finish. She has a gold stand instead of the usual clear stand and she has only 2,500 units made available.

Her Chef Club version comes with the same accessories, but now have Cupcake Petal and Cherry Nice Cupcake as the Shopkins, has a different look, and doesn't come with a purse.


  • Her name is a pun on the name "Jessica".
  • Her prototype name was Cuppycake.
  • Her backcard mentions and shows a picture of the Cupcake Cafe which shares a striking resemblance to the Cupcake Queen Cafe.
  • Only 2000 of her San Diego Comic Con variant were produced.
  • The SDCC version of Jessicake has tiny images of cupcakes in her eyes.
  • She was the first Shoppie to appear in the webseries.
  • The voice actress who provides Jessicake's voice is Cassandra Lee.