Kiki Crème is a Lil' Shoppie that was released in the Pampered Puppy Theater as a part of Happy Places Season Three.


Kiki Creme loves going Kooky over a cookie! Kiki Creme is always creating a scene with her Petkins in their Pampered Puppy Theater and sometimes it gets her into trouble. But she doesn't crumble under pressure. She can twist her way out of any situation!


Kiki has light tan skin and baby blue eyes. Her brown hair is worn in buns reminiscent of sandwich cookies, matching the three, dark brown ones on her head. Her bangs are straight cut. She wears a brown dress with pale pink frilly fabric covering her chest and the skirt made to resemble a sandwich cookie with cream in the middle. She also wears pink shoes with sandwich cookie shaped soles and azure leggings.


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