Kinstructions are a line of Shopkins merchandise similar to Mega Bloks and LEGO that allow you to build your own Shopkins stores! They were released on December 1, 2015. Building Sets are bigger and twice as expensive as the mini packs. These packs contain three characters apiece, while the mini packs only contain two.

Every Kinstructions figure is made up of interlocking pieces that you can mix and match, allowing you to create your own unique Shopkins characters!

Fashion Boutique

The Fashion Boutique is a building set that has 119 pieces. This pack includes Polly Polish, Polly Perfume, and Mindy Mirror. The fashion boutique itself is a small shop that contains: two chairs, one of which has a hair dryer above it. There is a pot of red flowers on one side of the shop, and on the other is a yellow cash register. This set also contains a white pillar that has a sign reading "Shopkins Fashion Boutique" on it. It has two lights on top of it that are meant to shine down on the sign at night.

Fruit and Vegetable Stand

The Fruit and Vegetable Stand is a building set that has 101 pieces. This pack includes Corny Cob, Pumpkinella, and Cherie Tomatoe's variant. The fruit and vegetable stand itself is a white stand with two pink shelves for the produce to rest on. On top of the stand is a sign reading "Shopkins Fruit & Veg" and has a picture of Strawberry Kiss on it. It is identical to the sign from the Fruit & Veg Stand playset from season one, except Strawberry Kiss is on a different side. The pack also includes a pink streetlamp with a yellow light, a small yellow trash can, and a smaller version of the sign on top of the stand.


  • The Kinstructions sets are exclusive to Toys"R"US.
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