Kinstructions are a line of Shopkins similar to Mega Blox and LEGO that allow you to build your own Shopkins stores! They were released on December 1, 2015. Deluxe Packs are the largest and most expensive of all Kinstructions packs, and contain six Shopkins each. Currently there is only one deluxe pack released.

Every Kinstructions figure is made up of interlocking pieces that you can mix and match, allowing you to create your own unique Shopkins characters!

Shopville Town Center

The Shopville Town Center is a deluxe pack with 410 pieces. Included in this pack are La'Lotion, Lippy Lips, Wendy Washer, Cheeky Chocolate, Bread Head, and a mystery Shopkin who is actually Kooky Cookie. The town center itself appears to be a pink mall with four rooms: an entrace area, a sweet shop, a mini mart, and a beauty boutique. The pack also contains a pink shopping cart (appearing to be like the shopping cart from a mini pack), a dark pink stand with white shelves, and a pink and white sign that has the Shopkins logo on it.

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