Kirstea is a Shoppie who was first released as a Puppy Parlor Lil' Shoppie in August 2016.

A full-sized Shoppie version of Kirstea was released in December 2016.

Happy Places Bio

A prim and proper shopper who loves kicking back with a cup of tea…. “There’s no better way to chill with her Petkins while she relaxes in the Puppy Parlor. But Kirstea doesn’t take sugar in her tea, she’s sweet enough already!”


Kirstea- Anytime is tea time!

A prim and propper shopper, Kirstea loves to finish her day with a hot cup of tea. Hosting the perfect tea party for her Shopkins is Kirstea's favorite pastime. Her head is always overflowing with ideas to make her parties even tastier! But don't forget, Kirstea doesn't take sugar in her tea, she's sweet enough already!

Favorite Hobby: Reading tea leaves!

Shopkins BFF: Tessa Teacup & Sugar E. Bowl

Favorite Place To Shop: The Teacup café.


Happy Places

Kirstea is a dark-skinned girl with lavender eyes, red lips, and long lavender hair worn in two thickly curled drill pigtails. Her bangs are swept mostly to the right with a white heart clip, combined with her singular forelock. She wears a light blue headband with a decorative tea cup that has tea spilling out of it, and a pale blue dress with a similar design on the bottom of the skirt, but coming out of a blue tea pot. A blue band circles the waist and on the chest is a purple ribbon. She also wears white tights and brown shoes with a blue segment at the middle and a bow beneath it.

Full-Size Shoppie

Kirstea has tanned skin and lilac eyebrows, eye-shadow, pink blushed cheeks, and dark pink lipstick. Her long hair resembles her Happy Places version but with a thick raspberry streak lining her bangs and forelock, and the heart clip is gold. She now wears a dark purple headband with a bow on it lined in lavender with a gold tea cup on the side that sits on a saucer with sugar cubes and a spoon. Her dress resembles her Happy Places version but is trim with white lace to accent her collar. She also wears dark purple tights, gold heels with a lilac bow on the toe, and lilac gloves with frilly cuff.


  • Her name is most likely a portmanteau of either the name Kirsten or Kirsty and the word "tea."
    • However, it could be a pun on the word "thirsty" in addition.
  • She is the first Shoppie to have a tea theme with the second being Tippy Teapot.
    • As stated on the back of the Tippy's Tea Party playset box, Kirstea and Tippy Teapot are sisters.


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