Kissy Boo is Pomeranian Shoppet who was released in January 2018 as a part of the first wave of Shoppets. She matches the Shoppie, Lippy Lulu, and the Glamour Gems Tribe.


Meet Kissy Boo

A Wild Style that stops traffic is what Kissy Boo is all about! Fashion, flair, makeup and hair! That's what is important to this gem of a Shoppet and her Shopkin - Terri Tennis Ball! This tribe is a "Dream Team" when it comes to pawfect nails and lovely lips!


A blonde Pomeranian with light pink eyes and a gold nose. She wears a gold ribbon with a gold tube of pale pink lipstick that has a magenta pair of lips next to it. Her white ruffled dress is trim with magenta fabric to accent the four lips drawn on the side. The fur around her neck resembles a necklace.


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