Kokonut is a Lil' Shoppie that was released in August 2018 with the Hanging Out Surprise Me Pack as a part of Happy Places Season Five. She was also released as a full-sized Shoppie in December 2018 as a part of the second wave of Beach Style! Shoppies.


Happiness is...Hanging out under the palm trees with some Petkins in Paradise!
Kokonut is a belle in a shell who loves to create an oasis with some smiling faces! What more do you need than sand, sea, and some cute tropical juices!


Happy Places

Kokonut has fair skin with bright yellow eyes and dull pink lips. Her white hair is pulled into a low, slightly curled ponytail with her bangs slightly swirled and facing the left. Her forelocks are slightly uneven with one curling inward and the other wavy, and on her head is a coconut with pink flowers and lemon or pineapple slices. She wears a coconut inspired top with sky blue and pink flowers, a pink skirt with sky blue lining the bottom and decorations on the left side, and a pair of sky blue sandals with ankle decorations and toe straps. 


As a large doll her lips and blush are red and she has peach eye-shadow. Her eyes are golden yellow and her long hair is worn in a straightened ponytail. Her bangs are brushed to the right and her forelocks frame her face. She wears purple sunglasses and a chartreuse hair ornament, a brown headband decorated with apricot flowers, and an opened coconut with juice, a straw, and flower in it. She wears a coconut bikini with the top trim by apricot fringe and her bottoms having a sky blue fringe around the waist. On the right of her chest is a sky blue flower and beneath each shoulder is a layered fringed sleeve, one sky blue and the other apricot. She wears matching fringed toe-strap sandals.


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