Lammy Lamington is an ultra rare International Food Shopkin from Season Three.


Lammy Lamington: A little bit of a square, plus little crazy [sic] in the coconut! But being a tasty treat is a piece of cake for her!


Lammy Lamington is a lamington. She is made of sponge cake (or possibly a white chocolate coated sponge cake) that has brown coconut shavings on it and is topped with a dollop of strawberry cream.

Her variant is chocolate sponge cake (or a chocolate covered sponge cake) with white coconut shavings, topped with a dollop of yellow cream. Both versions appear to be frosted in milk chocolate or white chocolate.

There are two variants of Lammy included in the Food Fair . One variant features her as a purple sponge cake topped with yellow coconut shavings and a green dollop of whipped cream.

The other variant features her as an orange sponge cake topped with red coconut shavings or sprinkles and a dollop of whipped cream.


  • Lamington is a dessert that consists of cubes of sponge cake, coated first (traditionally) in chocolate sauce, then coconut. In between each the cubes is normally cream or strawberry jam. Lamington is of Australian origin but is also popular in New Zealand.


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