Lemony Limes is a Shoppie released in January 2018 as a Shoppies Core Doll. She matches the Shoppet Foxy Lemons.


Lemony Limes - Surprisingly Sweet To Meet!

With her foxy locks of lemon and lime, this is one Shoppie who's zesty sweet! Lemony Lime's fresh face makes everyone smile! And when her fruity Shopkins - Leah Lime Cupcake and Zesty Sundae lay down some tracks, everyone starts to zing!

Favorite Hobby: Tree climbing

Shopkins BFF: Zesty Sundae & Leah Lime Cupcake

Favorite Place To Shop: The Sweet Street Lemonade Stand!


Lemony Limes has brown skin and raspberry lipstick. Her cheeks have a rosy blush and her eyes are chartreuse. She has light cream eye-shadow with a lemon slice design on her left eye. Her golden blonde and green hair is pulled back into two separate drill curls and she has a braid around the top of her head, along with a dark purple knotted bow tipped in raspberry and adorned by a lemon and lime slice. She wears a pale yellow top with loose ruffled sleeves, one of which is chartreuse and the low cut collar is lined with dark purple frills. Her skirt is dark purple to raspberry gradient and covered in various lemon and limes and trim with raspberry lace. Her tights are purple and she wears a pair of sandals with dripping ankle, one being chartreuse and the other yellow.


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