Lil' Secrets
Lil' Secrets is a spin-off line of Shopkins which includes teeny Shoppies, tiny Shopkins, and regular-sized Shoppies. In May 2018, one-thousand Shopkins fans received packages from Moose Toys which included a preview of the Lil' Secrets line which was released on August 1, 2018. The second season of Lil' Secrets was released in January 2019, and the third season was released in June of the same year.

Season One Products

Secret Locks

The Secret Locks come with a teeny Shoppie, a tiny Shopkin, a map, and a collector's guide. They all come in regular and special finishes.

Secret Lockets


Season Two Products

Secret Locks

Secret Lockets


Season Three Products

Secret Shops

Secret Bag Tags



Season One

Season Two

Season Three

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