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The Lil' Shoppies are a spin-off line of Shoppies originally released in August 2016 as part of the Happy Places range.


Each Lil' Shoppie comes with one doll stand and a various amount of Petkins depending on what type of pack they come in. The characters from the regular Lil' Shoppie packs come with one or two exclusive Petkins, while the characters from Welcome Packs come with thirteen Petkins and two tiles.


Season One Wave 1

Season One Wave 2

Season Two Wave 1

Season Two Wave 2

Season Three Wave 1

Disney Season One

Season Three Wave 2

Season Four Wave 1

  • Pia Puzzle (Happy Home Makeover)
  • Coco Cookie (Beary Delicious Cooking Class Welcome Pack)
  • Bridie (Princess Puppy Garden Party Lil' Shoppie)
  • Crystal Snow (Cozy Kitty School Camp Lil' Shoppie)
  • Ella Rain (Cozy Kitty School Camp Lil' Shoppie)
  • Jessicake (Pampered Pony Stable Lil' Shoppie)
  • Pirouetta (Bearly Ballet Class Lil' Shoppie)

Disney Season Two

Season Four Wave 2

  • Tilly Tulip (Princess Puppy Garden Party Welcome Pack)
  • Coralee (Puppy Patio Pool Party Lil' Shoppie)
  • Marsha Mello (Princess Puppy Garden Party Lil' Shoppie)

Season Five Wave 1

Season Five Wave 2

Season Six

Season Seven

International Exclusive

  • Jessicake (Movie Night Besties Lil' Shoppie)
  • Popette (Movie Night Besties Lil' Shoppie)



Season One

Season Two

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

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