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Limited Edition Shopkins are the rarest of all Shopkins and are very hard to come by. Only a few hundred or thousand of these characters are produced worldwide. They all feature a different finish depending on their season. They all come with a tag that says which limited edition you got, and how rare they are. They also have a number printed on their back, showing what number they are out of the few in the world. In the first two seasons, the Limited Edition Shopkins were all random characters with no set theme, but starting in Season Three onwards they began to have a set theme and even their own team name beginning with Season Seven. Limited edition shopkins are extremely hard to find. Although they are extremely hard to find, they are not worth as much. In fact, special edition shopkins are worth more than the limited edition shopkins.

Season One

The Season One limited edition Shopkins have a metallic finish, and are:

Season Two

The Season Two Limited Edition Shopkins have a bling finish, and are:

Season Three

The Season Three limited edition Shopkins are "Cool Jewels." They have a translucent finish, and are:

Season Four

The Season Four limited edition Shopkins are "Perfume Pretties." All these Shopkins are perfume bottles and have a translucent finish. Perfume Pretties include:

Season Five

The Season Five Limited Editions are the "Tiny Toys" Shopkins. They are small replicas of real toys and have varying finishes such as metallic, transparent, and classic. Tiny Toys include:

Season Six

The Season Six Limited Editions are the "CUTEtensils" Shopkins. They are kitchen utensils and have a metallic bling finish. Season Six Limited Editions include:

Season Seven

The Season Seven Limited Editions are the "Hollywood" Shopkins. They are tech and accessories commonly associated with movies. They all have a metallic "Hollywood Glamour" finish. Hollywood Shopkins include:

Season Eight

Season Eight Wave One

The Season Eight Limited Editions are the "Shimmering Snow Globes" Shopkins. Wave One has 3 of them and they are all snow globes based on European countries. They all have a metallic finish and are filled with confetti. Wave One Shimmering Snow Globes Shopkins include:

Season Eight Wave Two

Wave Two of Season Eight only has one Shimmering Snow Globe based on Japan.

Season Eight Wave Three

The Wave Three Shimmering Snow Globes are all based on American countries. These include:

Season Nine

The Season Nine Limited Editions are the "Shimmery Unicorns Tribe" Shopkins. They are different unicorn-themed items. They all have a shimmery finish. Shimmery Unicorns Tribe Shopkins include:

Cupicorn, the sixth member of the Shimmery Unicorns Tribe, is not a Limited Edition and is available with the Precious Unicorn Pet-Pod.

Season Ten

The Season Ten Limited Editions are re-released Limited Editions from earlier seasons. They all have a glittery finish and some gold on them. The re-released Season Ten Limited Editions include:

Season Eleven

The Season Eleven Limited Editions are the "Bubs and Spices" Shopkins. They consist of a jar-based mama Shopkin, with a baby inside. The mama shopkins are all named after spices. Bubs and Spices Shopkins include:

Season Twelve

The Season Twelve Limited Editions don't have a particular theme, but keep with the overall theme of the season, which is "real littles". Season Twelve Limited Editions include golden versions of the following:

Season Thirteen

Season Thirteen continues the theme of Real Littles, but now with a focus on freezer items. The Limited Editions were known as the Shiver Shopkns, being frostbitten variants of the following:

Season Fourteen

The Season Fourteen Limited Editions are the same limited editions as the previous two seasons, however they now have a Crystal Glitz finish.

Season Fifteen

Season Fifteen was split between multiple waves, known as Drops. Each Drop had their own set of Limited Editions:

Drop 1

The Limited Editions for Drop 1 of Season Fifteen were the Rainbow Twinkle Real Littles. These Limited Editions were also the Klondike's, which include:

Drop 2

The Season Fifteen Drop 2 Shopkins were Glitterfetti Real Littles. Similar to the Shimmering Snow Globes, the Limited Editions were hallow with glitter inside versions of the following: