Lost and Hound (Part One)
Lost and hound part 1
Episode Number 32
Preceded By A Walk in the Park
Succeeded By Lost and Hound (Part Two)

"Lost and Hound" is the thirty-second episode of the Shopkins Cartoon webisode series.


Official Synopsis

Someone has gone missing in Shopville! Can you help the Shopkins find their furry friend?


The Shopkins are in the park playing fetch with Milk Bud. Lippy Lips attempts to play fetch but isn't that good, so Cheeky Chocolate decides to show Lippy how she can throw. Cheeky throws the ball way over the park fence and Milk Bud runs away to go get it. The Shopkins begin to look all over for Milk Bud but can't seem to find him. Lippy and Cheeky split up and try to find him, as do Apple Blossom and Suzie Sundae. Kooky Cookie goes solo to try to find Milk Bud. Apple and Suzie come across a jogging Slick Breadstick, who also joins in the search for Milk Bud.

As the day stretches on, the Shopkins decide to call it a night. However, that's when Suzie finds one of Milk Bud's paw prints and shows it to Apple Blossom! However, upon further inspection Apple realizes it isn't one of Milk Bud's paw prints... And that's when a figure begins to emerge from the bushes!


  • This is the first webisode to feature a new "Shopkins Anthem" introduction for the webisode series.
  • This webisode marks the first time a season five Shopkin has appeared.
  • This is the first multiple-part webisode.



Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 32 "Lost and Hound"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 32 "Lost and Hound"

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