Macy Macaron is a Shoppie who was originally released in a Kitty Kitchen Lil' Shoppie Pack.

In 2017, she was released as a full-sized Shoppie as a part of the first wave of World Vacation Shoppies.


Happy Places

Macy Macaron is an olive-skinned girl with lilac eyes and pale orange lips. She has mint hair that sticks up with curled strands and bangs that frame her face, worn with lilac ribbons and macaron. She wears a lilac dress with pale cream and purple designs on the chest and the skirt shaped like a big macaron. Her lilac shoes accent her hair accessories, and she wears pale cream stockings.

Full-Size Shoppie

Macy's skin is lighter and her lips are now pale yellow. She wears very faint blush and eye-shadow, and her hair is vibrant turquoise, worn in a side-tail composed of several, tight curls and her bangs brushed partially to the left. She has purple streaks through her hair and wears an altered variation of her Happy Places accessory but pastel pink and on the left of her head. Her dress consists of a powder blue and purple striped top with pale yellow ruffled sleeves and a pastel pink design on the corner. Her skirt resembles a big macaron with various patterns on the purple layers and pale yellow in the middle. She also wears a pastel pink macaron bracelet. purple heels with a pale yellow stylized heel and a pastel pink ribbon with a macaron on it, and powder blue tights with pastel pink Eiffel Towers on the front. 

Super Shopper

Her skin is slightly tanned and she has lavender lips, light gold eye-shadow, and pink blush. Her curled hair is now turquoise, purple, and hot pink, worn loose with her bangs and forelocks entirely pulled back into a side-tail, worn with a purple headband with two ribbons and three purple macaron coated in blue glitter. Her outfit resembles her other version, consisting of a pearl pink glittery top with ruffled lavender sleeves, and on the side is a purple design. Her skirt is different with a light shimmer, covered in pink, hot pink, and blue designs. Her tights are light blue and she wears her old shoes, but they are pearl pink and the ornament is lavender. 


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