Maisy Moo is a cow Shoppet who was released exclusively to Toys R Us in January 2018 with the Shoppie Mia Milk as a part of Season Nine. She matches the Dairy Wrappers Tribe.


Maisy Moo likes life in the slow lane! This Southern Dairy Belle doesn't care for the latest 'Must-have" gadgets. She prefers to mellow out in the meadows with Jersey Jug and her heard [sic] of Mooverlous Shopkins! You can't beat a bit country charm from down on the farm!


A pale blue cow with light blue hooves, tail tip, and markings covering her left ear. Her muzzle and horns are hot pink and she has pale pink eyes. She wears a white milk carton hat with a straw sticking out of it, along with a hot pink top beneath a white and light blue sleeveless dress covered in white speckles and dripping milk.


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