Makaella Wish is a Lil' Shoppie who was released with the Pretty Kitty Dining Room Welcome Pack as a part of Happy Places Season Three.

She was released as a full-sized Shoppie in January 2018 as a part of Season Nine.

In January 2019, a Lil' Secrets version of her was released with the Fairy Cake Birthday Secret Locket as a part of Lil' Secrets Season Two.


Makaella Wish - She's Full Of Surprises!

With flaring hair, Makaella Wish is the "Light of the party!" Every day is a happy day when this Shoppie is around! She loves surprising her friends by giving them gifts and when her Shopkins - Tooty Party Blower and Sally-Brate Cupcake arrive, your wish for the "Best Party Ever" is granted!

Favorite Hobby: Candle Making!

Shopkins BFF: Sally-Brate Cupcake & Tooty Party Blower.

Favorite Place To Shop: The Party Starter Gift Shop!

Happy Places Bio

Makaella Wish loves decorating the place for the perfect party with her Petkins! Makaella Wish makes every birthday a happy birthday! She loves being the center of attention in the dining room and is always the "Light of the party!"... She's always making wishes come true!


Happy Places

Makaella Wish has fair skin with pink lips and pale pink eyes. Her blonde hair is partially messy and worn in a few different styles, entirely pulled up she has several curled strands on the right of her head and braids on her left, and on top of her head the hair swirls inward, decorated with a melting candle and turquoise ribbon. Her white dress has pink coloring around the bottom an appears to be dripping with a turquoise ribbon on the left of her chest. She also wears pale yellow tights and pink shoes with white toe accents.


This version has cherry lips and blush, and her eye-shadow is white. Her eyes are pale pink and yellow, and her long blonde hair is worn loose with streaks of gold and peach. On her head is a white ornament with a tiny cake holding a single lit candle, adorned with a turquoise ribbon and hot pink curled streamers. She wears a hot pink top with white scallops resembling frosting around the bottom and top, paired with a yellow, hot pink, and pale blue striped skirt with a cherry lace peplum over it that has rainbow pieces of ribbon and streamers matching the skirt hanging from it. Around her neck is a turquoise ribbon with a yellow ornament, and she wears hot pink shoes with frosting on the toe, and a turquoise stylized heel to accent her ankle strap.  


  • Her name is a mix of the phrase "make a wish" and the name Makaella, an uncommon variant of the name Michaela.


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