Marsha Mello is a Wave One Core Shoppie released along with Pippa Melon in June 2017.

In 2018, she was released as a Happy Places Season Four Princess Puppy Garden Party Lil' Shoppie.

In August 2018, a new version of her was released with the Lil' Secrets line.


Marsha Mello - A Real Big Softie!

Everyone has a soft spot for Marsha Mello! With sweet curls of marshmallow swirls she's a little girl who never wants to grow up. Gooey on the inside and always full of bounce, Marsha is a baby-talker who goes gaga over anything that's cute and fluffy!

Favorite Hobby: Playing on bouncing castles!

Shopkins BFF: Molly Mello Lollipop & Milly Mellow Swirl

Favorite Place To Shop: Big Softies Candy Store

Happy Places Bio

Happiness is going gaga over anything cute and fluffy! This baby-talking bestie has a soft spot for everyone! She's an ever caring, sugar sharing Lil' Shoppie who's always chilled! Nobody is more mellow than this girl!



A dark skinned girl with milk blue and lilac eyes. Her lips and cheeks are neutral pink and she wears white eye-shadow. She has long white hair worn in braided twin-tails with streaks of pink and gold, held by marshmallows, and her bangs are entirely swept to the right with an additional lilac streak. She wears a white dress with a milk blue collar and a baby pink ribbon hanging from the center, and her skirt is trim with milk blue frills and covered in a faint pastel marshmallow pattern. She also wears a marshmallow bracelet, pastel yellow tights, and milk blue shoes with stripes around the ankle and a baby pink bow on the foot.

Happy Places

Her lips are pale pink and her eyes baby blue. Her white hair is worn in twin-tails with baby pink and white marshmallows at the base and so far down to hold the ponytail, where the loose hair curls inward. Her bangs are split to partially frame her face with a blonde ombre. She wears a white dress with a baby pink ribbon at the neck and pastel yellow waist, paired with white shoes and light blue tights. 

Lil' Secrets

Marsha Mello has white lips and pale cream eye-shadow. Her eyes are pearl blue with a streak of pale yellow, and she has pink cheeks. Her hair is worn loose with a pair of large braided loops on top of her head with streaks of baby blue and pink. Her bangs are straight cut with the same streaks, and her forelocks are layered over them to frame her face, with one dyed baby blue and the other baby pink. She wears a big yellow hair bow with a marshmallow stylized lock at the center. Her outfit is composed of a short white dress with ruffled baby pink sleeves and ornate choker, and on her chest is a smaller variant of her hair accessory. The tutu skirt has stripes of baby blue and pink with a pale yellow lace peplum over it, paired with white elbow-length gloves and white shoes with marshmallow twists around the sole and her hair and chest bow at the ankle.



  • Her name is very similar to Marsha Mellow, a Limited Edition Season Two Shopkin.
    • The collector's guide for Happy Places Season Four spells Marsha Mello's name the same way as the Shopkin Marsha Mellow, adding the "w."


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