Meltin Muffin is an exclusive Shopkin from the Food Fair range. She is included in the Cupcake Collection. A variant of her is included in the Sweet Heart Collection, and two variants of her were released in the Food Fair Season Two lunch boxes.


Meltin Muffin is a pink muffin with a purple wrapper. She is topped with blue frosting, blue heart sprinkles, and a white heart-shaped cookie.

There is a variant of her included in the Sweet Heart Collection. This variant features her as a pink muffin with a red wrapper. She's topped with white frosting, white heart sprinkles, and a gold heart-shaped cookie.

There is also another variant of her in the Lost Edition pack. This time, she is a cupcake in a pink wrapper. She has purple frosting and a pink heart. The frosting seems to cover up what color cupcake she is. She has a flower design and yellow shoes.


  • Meltin Muffin more closely resembles a cupcake rather than a muffin.
  • Unlike her Sweet Heart Collection art, the Sweet Heart Collection version of her has two eyelashes on the top of each eye with one on the bottom of each eye.


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