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Mia Milk is a Lil' Shoppie that is released with the Hungry Puppy Cafeteria Welcome Pack as part of Happy Places Season Three.

In January 2018, a full-sized version of her with the Shoppet Maisy Moo was released exclusively to Toys "R" Us as a part of the first wave of Wild Style Shoppies.


Happy Places

Mia Milk has a light complexion with fuchsia lips and baby blue eyes. Her pale pink hair is shoulder length and flares outward, and her bangs are swirled, surrounding the middle tuft which is straightened. She wears an azure hat that resembles a milk carton with a fuchsia straw and milk seeping out of it. Her outfit consists of a white turtleneck blouse with fuchsia coloring around the shoulder and top of the chest partially dripping down. Her azure skirt is cubical, and she wears fuchsia tights and a pair of white shoes that look like they are splashing milk.

Shopkins Shoppie/Wild Style

Mia's skin is tanned and she now has pale pink lips and eye-shadow, and orange blushed cheeks. Her eyes are lavender and pale blue. Her hair is rose colored with a segment on her head that is pale pink, and it is worn pulled back in a thick tube-like curl. Her fuchsia headband has a white and azure cap with hot pink cow horns, azure cow ears, and a white milk carton with pink cow head, fuchsia straw, and blue liquid seeping out. She wears an azure elbow-length blouse with white frills and a pale blue collar with fuchsia ribbon hanging from it. Her azure skirt is covered in white splotches and has milk seeping down it with a corner design and suspender straps. Her skirt has a trim of hot pink around the bottom. Her azure boots have a fuchsia cuff and white coloring on the toe and sole with a drip design.


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