Pam Cakeis a Shoppie who was released in June 2016 as a part of Season Five.


Pam Cake - A berry early riser

Pam Cake is as chirpy as the birds she wakes up with! She hits the stores before the shops open their doors and flips out when she knows she's the first of her friends with the latest fashion! Always helpful but very competitive, her energy levels are switched to "Berry High!" Which is a good thing because she's flat out 24/7.

Favorite Hobby: Working out and staying in crepe shape!

Shopkins BFF: Crepes Suzzane & Kyla Crepe

Favorite Place To Shop: The Great Crepe Cafe!


Pam Cake is a peach skinned girl with big, light green eyes and golden yellowish brown hair styled into a side-ponytail with purple ombré. She has a small braid crown going across the top of her head in her hair and has bangs that sweep to the left side of her face. She is wearing a light purple shirt with ruffly sleeves that has pink buttons and a melon bow at the neck. She is also wearing a red and purple polka dotted skirt that has patterns of whipped cream, kiwis, strawberries, and chocolate drizzle on it. She wears brown Mary Jane shoes with white socks and a purple chef hat with a pancake on it.



  • Her name is a pun on the word "pancake."
  • Brazilian packaging for Pam Cake calls her Pati Keca.


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