Pearlina is a Happy Mermaid released with the Mermaid Reef Retreat playset in January 2019 as a part of Happy Places Season Six.

She was released as a full-sized Shoppie in the same month as a part of Lil' Secrets Season Two.


You're Invited...
To dive into the Pop Up Mermaid Pool Party. You can't tell, but inside this shell is the most tail splashin' event!

Happy Places Bio


Happy Places

Pearlina has fair skin with sky blue eyes and pale pink lips to match her curled hair. She wears a pearl forehead piece and a pearl blue tiara. Her outfit is composed of a hot pink top that has a pearl design at the center and loose sleeves, and her mermaid tail is white with pearls wrapped around it and her waist, adorned by a hot pink peplum and a single pearl blue ornament. Her fin is light blue.

Large-Size Shoppie

This Pearlina has stylized icons in each eye and wears pink decorative eye-shadow, soft pink blush, and neutral pink lipstick. She has long flowing pale blonde hair with pink undertone, and she wears a heavily decorative pearl headpiece with shells of fuchsia and a single turquoise clam at the middle. She also has an eye-mask that resembles this accessory. Her outfit consists of a ruffled top with fuchsia over the chest and a pearl at the center attached to her choker, along with a diagonal cut skirt with a fuchsia and white scale pattern, and pearl chains and turquoise clams drawn all over it, trim with fuchsia lace reminiscent of a mermaid tail fin. Her shoes are turquoise and covered in scales with a pearl on the corner attached to her pearl straps.



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