A few Petkins from Season Four

Petkins is the special edition team of Season Four. They appear to be regular grocery items that are crossed with pets. The Petkins team is extremely large and takes up much of Season Four.

Petkins made a return in Season Five with not quite as many characters. The Petkins in Season Five were scattered throughout the teams, with three Petkins in most teams. They didn't have a team all to themselves as they did in Season Four, so technically they are not part of the Petkins team, they are simply Petkins. The bags in Season Five are styled as backpacks and also feature Petkins faces.

After Season Five, Petkins were discontinued and moved to the Happy Places line. In July 2017, the Cutie Cars line which features cars with Petkin-like faces was released.

Season Four

Season Four Petkins include:

Season Five

Season Five Petkins include:


  • Petkins bear a slight resemblance to Polly Pocket's "Cutants" which are also regular grocery/household items that are crossed with animals.
  • The Season Four Petkins are different than other special edition Shopkins. Usually, there were only up to two special edition Shopkins in a 12 pack. However, there are usually three Petkins in 12 packs, and they can also be found in 5 packs and 2 packs.
  • Artwork for Petkins commonly shows them with paws, although the toys do not have them.
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