Pia Puzzle is a Mousy Hangout Lil' Shoppie who was released in February 2017 as a part of wave two of Happy Places Season Two.

In January 2018, she was released with the Happy Home Makeover playset as a part of wave one of Happy Places Season Four.


Happiness is....
When it all comes together! Pia Puzzle can be a little scattered sometimes, but she's up for a challenge in the Mousy Hangout with her Petkins. It's always fun and games when this Lil Shoppie's around!


Pia Puzzle is an olive-skinned girl with sky blue eyes and light pink lips. She has long hot pink hair with bangs, styled into pigtails. She also has a yellow, purple and blue bow with a puzzle piece design. She wears a dress with a blue bodice and purple skirt with pink lace through the middle and blue, yellow and pink puzzle pieces in the bottom corner. She has yellow and blue tights with white shoes.