Pineapple Lily is a Shoppie who was released in August 2016. She is included in the Smoothie Truck Combo playset. In September 2016, a slightly different variation of her was released with darker skin and more colors in her hair.

In April 2017, she was released in the second wave of Join the Party Shoppies.


The first variation of Pineapple Lily has yellow hair with blond highlights, and a light skin tone. The second variation of her has a darker skin tone and multi-colored hair in four colors: light pink, hot pink, lime green, and yellow. Both versions have green eyes and yellow eyebrows. Most of her hair is wavy besides her braided crown across her forehead. Her headband shows slices of fruit and a pineapple in the center. She is wearing a yellow top that resembles a pineapple as well as a pink bracelet. She is also wearing a removable pink bow around her waist, a lime green and hot pink two-layered skirt, and two pineapple themed shoes.


Included with Pineapple Lily are two fruit Shopkins (Pretty Pink Grapefruit and Pinelope Krush), two glittery drink-themed Shopkins (Jacinda Juice and Berry Smooth), a yellow pineapple comb, a VIP card, the smoothie truck and two green stools.