Pinkie Cola is a Shoppie released in Season Eight Wave 3 as part of the World Vacation theme.


It's Pinkie Cola! All the way from the U.S of A!
I'm just buzzing with excitement to say hello. We're so happy that we're about to pop our tops! I'm one of the bubbliest Shoppies you'll meet. You'll never feel flat when I'm around! Have a nice day!

Happy Places Bio

"Happiness is…Taking a camping vacation to Rainbow Beach! Pinki Cola calls her Campervan “Home Sweet Home”! Full of fizz, this ‘Lil Shoppie is a wiz when it comes to happy holidays! With the help of her Petkins she has everything she needs for a comfy stay when she’s away! Pinki Cola is one of the bubbliest Lil’ Shoppies you’ll ever meet. You’ll never feel flat when she’s around!"



Pinkie Cola has fair skin with hot pink lips and pale peach eye-shadow and very faint blush. Her eyes are pale blue and pink. Her long peach hair is worn in in a ponytail made from large curls and her bangs are swept left. She wears a pale pink headband with a pink overflowing bottle of pop/soda and a white and pink server hat. Her outfit consists of a white top with a hot pink bow-tie, a light pink designed skirt lined by white lace, and white frilly socks with pale pink shoes that have a hot pink ribbon on the side of the ankle.

Happy Places

This version of Pinkie has pale pink hair worn in a ponytail with her curled forelocks framing her face and short bangs spread into three sections. She has a big white bottle-cap on her head with a hot pink heart at the middle. She also wears a white blouse with a pink scarf around her neck, hot pink waistband, and a pale pink pleat skirt with a design on the corner. Her shoes are hot pink.



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