Pippa Melon is a Shoppie released in June 2017 as part of Season Eight. In the same month she was also released as a Lil' Shoppie with the Bearry Fun Convertible as a part of Happy Places Season Three.

In March 2018, a Wild Style version of her was released as a part of the second wave of Wild Style Shoppies.

In January 2019, she was released with the Frosty-Pops Scooter as a part of Season Eleven.


Pippa Melon - Fresh Faced And Fun!

As warm as a summer's day, it's always refreshing to meet someone as cool as Pippa Melon. Always natural and easy going, she's never upset by what others say - you could say she's very thick skinned! This girl has big dreams when it comes to gardening!

Favorite Hobby: Tending her garden.

Shopkins BFF: Melonette Popsicle & Melissa Sips

Favorite Place To Shop: Fruity Cutie Fruit Cart!

Happy Places Bio



Pippa Melon is a fair skinned girl with pale pink blushed cheeks, dark pink lips, and pale yellow eye-shadow. Her eyes are light pink and pastel yellow. Her dark pink hair is worn loose in thick drill curls that reach her waist and straight cut bangs, and she wears a watermelon bow at the middle of her head. She wears a magenta sundress covered in black seeds with the waist and top lined in white. She has a lace bow behind her back with two curled ribbon strands hanging from the waistband, which accents the lining around the bottom of her skirt. Her white open toe sandals have a magenta dripping strap and watermelon heels. 

Bearry Fun Convertible

Her eyes are solid pink and she has hot pink lips. Her pastel pink hair is very short, with a segment on the right longer and cut at an angle and stylized bangs. She wears vines on her hair with a watermelon wedge at the center, along with a white dress with a hot pink collar, ribbon, and green accent to match her tights. Her shoes are hot pink.

Wild Style

This version of Pippa Melon wears faint red blush, magenta lipstick, and pale magenta eye-shadow. Her hair is mainly green with a thick streak of pink on each side, and is worn in a straightened ponytail with a large braid on each side of her head. She wears a magenta headband with floppy rabbit ears and vines holding small watermelon wedges. She wears pink gloves resembling paws, along with a dress composed of a pink and magenta sleeveless sailor top with green lace bow, and a split skirt that is primarily hot pink and covered in green vines and pale pink and dark blue watermelon wedges. The upper part is green, orange, and brown, and she wears white tights and a pair of magenta heels with pale pink dripping down, a watermelon wedge on the side of the foot, and a green bow on the back of the ankle.

Frosty-Pops Scooter

Her lipstick is pale pink, she has pink blush, and she wears her original dolls eye-shadow. Her hair is entirely pulled up into puffy twin-tails and she wears a pink headband with a decorative watermelon bow. Her outfit is composed of a pale pink top covered in purple seeds and the chest lined in magenta that has a bow behind the neck. The skirt is slightly darker than her top with the seeds covering it, followed by a gradient of white to green. Around her waist is chartreuse ruffles, and she wears leafy green leggings and translucent pink platform sandals.



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