Pirouetta is a Season Six Shoppie. She was released in November 2016. She was released as an Amazon exclusive in November 2017 and as a part of the Wild Style line in January 2018.

Also in January 2018, she was released as a Happy Places Season Four Bearly Ballet Class Lil' Shoppie.


Pirouetta- Just Tutu cute!

When it comes to grace and style, this girl can really twirl! She's sure to impress in a sparkly dress that's just Tutu Cute! It's show time in no time, when Pirouetta and her Shopkins are around. Practice makes perfect for this Prima Ballerina. And she won't stop 'till the curtain comes down!

Favorite hobby: Practicing her pirouette

Favorite place to shop: The Shopkins Dance Studio



Pirouetta has pale pink eyes with tiny hearts at the corner. She wears glittery pale pink eye-shadow and lipstick with fuchsia at the center of her lips to form a heart. Her pink and gold streaked hair is worn in a large bun with a segment pulled to the left of her face and straight cut bangs, held by a hot pink lace ribbon. She wears a pale pink detailed bodice with pale pink sleeves trim by hot pink ruffles to accent her glittering tutu, which has glittery pink layers beneath it and a ribbon on the back. She also wears a pale pink choker, pale pink tights, and pink ballerina slippers.

Amazon Exclusive

Her eyes and eye makeup are the same but her lips are pearl pink. Her light pink hair covered in tinsel is entirely pulled up in large, thick curls held by a glittery white lace ribbon. Her bodice is white with glittery pink detail to match her sleeves and choker. Her tutu is white lace with glitter covering it and a pointed pale pink peplum over it that has a white heart and design on each point. She wears the same tights and slippers, but they are pale pink. She also gains glittery white ruffled lace sleeves.

Wild Style

Her eyes and eye makeup are the same but her lipstick is hot pink. Her rose pink hair is worn loose and straightened with her bangs pulled back and worn with a hot pink cat-ear headband decorated with a pink accessory and white crown. She wears a ballerina dress composed of a pale pink bodice with white at the middle lined by hot pink straps that tie around the neck, paired with matching sleeves beneath the shoulder. Her skirt is pale pink with glittery hot pink lining and tiger stripe pattern, and sticking out of the back is a pale pink fluffy cat tail. Her tights are normal, paired with hot pink ballerina slippers with cat faces on the toe.

Happy Places

Pirouetta's hair is entirely pulled back and she wears a hot pink hair piece with a single curl on each side of the head. She wears a hot pink ballerina dress with pale pink sleeves and tutu, and beneath each shoulder is a hot pink piece of fabric. She wears pale pink tights and hot pink ballerina slippers.


She comes with two Shopkins; Frilly Tutu (a ballet dancer's tutu) and Tippy and Toes (ballet slippers). She also comes with a purse with a bow on it, and a brush that resembles a tutu.


  • She is the first Shoppie to have a Shopkin that consists of two characters.


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