Pupkin Cake is a puppy Shoppet who was released in January 2018 as a part of the first wave of Shoppets. She matches the Shoppie, Jessicake, and the Color Change Cuties Tribe.


Meet Pupkin Cake

Pupkin Cake is a pup with a plan. She always takes the lead! Clever and cute her ideas are never half-baked. You can always rely on her to get you out of some tight spots! With her Shopkin Bonetta Cupcake, they are ready to cook up some wild adventures!


A pale blue puppy with light blue right ear and speckles on her left, matching her eyes. Her nose is light pink. On her head she wears a white bow covered in dark blue and blue speckles to match her dress, adorned by a white and dark apricot cupcake that has a paw on it. At her neck is a peach bow with a paw at the middle, and her dress is trim with two ruffles of dark apricot and pale cream.


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