Rainbow Kate is a Shoppies character originally released in June 2016.

She was later released as a Happy Places Lil' Shoppie in a Lil' Shoppie Pack.

In early 2017, she was released with the first wave of Join the Party Shoppies.

In October 2017, she was released in the Shoppies BFF Travel Pack along with Bubbleisha, Jessicake, and Donatina.


Rainbow Kate - A Piece of Cake

Being brilliant is a piece of cake for this Shoppie! Full of fun and always on the go, nothing is ever done slow! Her friends never feel down when she’s around because she brightens up the gloomiest day! And how do her Besties find her when she’s out shopping? Easy, they just look up and follow the rainbow!

Happy Places Bio

Happiness is makin' it happen in the Kitty Kitchen! This girl is totally brilliant when it comes to mixing it up and creating taste sensations with her Petkin friends!

"Happiness is…packing a picnic and chasing rainbows in the Happy Convertible!
Rainbow Kate loves to feel the wind in her hair and drive to Rainbow Beach for a picnic with some colorful Petkins. Life is a highway and Rainbow Kate is ready to follow the sun for some summer fun!"


Rainbow Kate has a fair complexion with light purple eyes, light purple freckles, and pink lips. Her artwork, however, shows purple lips. Her curly purple, light blue, pink, and yellow hair is worn loose with straight across bangs. She wears a blue top with a pink heart on it, along with yellow ruffled sleeves and collar. Her two layer skirt is pink on top with tiny colorful dots, while the second layer of the skirt is rainbow colored. She wears blue sandals with a platform sole that is yellow in front and pink in back, along with lavender tights. On the top of her head is a puffy yellow chef hat with pink icing next to a white iced cake with pink, purple, and yellow inside.


Rainbow Kate comes with a yellow hairbrush, a VIP card, a clear doll stand, and a blue handbag.

The Shopkins included are Rayne-Bow and Raylene Rainbow.


  • Her name is a pun on "rainbow cake" and the girls' name "Kate."
  • She is the second Shoppie to appear in a webisode with the first being Jessicake.
  • Brazilian packaging for the original version of Rainbow Kate calls her Kate Íris; íris is likely used as a shortened version of arco-íris which translates to "rainbow."
  • Rainbow Kate's Wild Style version is the first Shoppie to wear shorts instead of a skirt or pants.