Rosa Piñata is a Shoppie who was released in 2017 as a part of the third wave of World Vacation Shoppies.


It's Rosa Piñata!
All the way from amazing Mexico! Join me and my sweet Amigo Shopkins Piñata Cupcake and Andy Candy as we shower you with smiles! Pop on a Sombrero, do some salsa dancing and share a taco or two!



Rosa Piñata has light brown skin with dark pink lips and pink blush. Her eyes are gold and lilac with cyan and gold eye-makeup. Her long purple hair is worn in several thick curls with blue streaks, and on her head is a re and yellow flower headband with orange ribbons and a blue donkey piñata. She wears a red and white frilly top with powder blue lining the bottom, paired with an orange, yellow, red, blue, and gold piñata skirt over a white tulle petticoat, and sky blue heels with a red design and rose on the corner.



  • In her static art, her legs can erroneously be seen through the bottom of her skirt.


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