Rosie Bloom is a Lil' Shoppie released in December 2016 with the Puppy Patio Welcome Pack as a part of Happy Places Season Two.

In February 2017, she was released as a full-sized Shoppie as a part of the first wave of Join the Party Shoppies.

Happy Places Bio

Adoring the great outdoors is what puts a smile on Rosie's face. Relaxing in the sun, she loves to decorate her Puppy Patio with nature to create an outdoor room that really blooms!


Happy Places

Rosie Bloom has a light complexion with light green eyes and pink lips. Her magenta hair is mostly worn down in curls on the side of her head and she has a smaller tuft opposite of that, along with uniquely styled bangs and small tightly curled pigtails. On the side of her head is a pale pink rose, and she wears a chartreuse headband with leafy ribbon. Her outfit consists of a magenta dress lined by pale pink roses to accent the single one beneath each shoulder and chartreuse pocket to match her gardening gloves. She also wears green leggings and pale pink shoes with roses on them.

Shopkins Shoppie

Her lips and eye-shadow are magenta and her eyes are pale chartreuse. Her hair is entirely pulled up into thick pigtails, and her bangs are right swept with a chartreuse ombre on the curled tip. She now wears a green headband with leaf and alternating magenta and pale pink roses. She wears a pale pink top with hot pink roses covering her shoulder and a green skirt covered in white dots with the lower portion a hot pink scallop. Sewn to the corner is a red rose with leaf. Her tights are pale pink and she has hot pink rose heels with a vine wrapped around the leg. 



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