Royal Roadster is a Limited Edition Season One Cutie Car. Only 500 of her were produced.


  • Name: Royal Roadster
  • Model: Convertible Cutie
  • Features: You will feel like a princess in this royal ride!
  • Likes/Dislikes: Likes to wave at her admirers as she drives past!


Royal Roadster loves rolling down the red carpet and crowning around with her friends! With a heart of gold, she treats everyone like royalty!


A glittering golden cat convertible with a white muzzle. Her eyes are shut and she has a scrunched mouth. Her wheels are silver to match her tiara roof joint and front window frame. Both of which have a pink heart at the center. Her interior is pink. On the sides of her body are gems, along with tinier gems lining the area above each wheel.


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