Sara Sushi is a Shoppie who was first released in June 2016.

She was released as a Happy Places Lil' Shoppie in August 2016.

In August 2017, a World Vacation version of her was released.


Sara Sushi - Always Rice And Relaxed!

Peaceful, calm and never alarmed, Sara Sushi is always in “tuna’ with her inner self! But when things don’t go to plan she goes off the rails like an out of control sushi train! However, after a few deep breaths she’s back on track and ready to chill with her friends at her favorite sushi shop!



Sara has a light complexion with gold eyes and red lips. She wears pale green eye-shadow. Her long, straightened white hair with tinsel strewn through it is pulled into a pair of twin-tails attached to hair pulled into two small buns. Her styled forelocks go down to her shoulders and her bangs brush to the left. She wears a black and magenta hat with chopsticks, sushi, prawn, and rice balls. Her top resembles a magenta kimono lined in black and light green to match the removable obi and ribbon, which is attached to a white flap, wrapped around her waist. Her red skirt depicts sushi designs on the right. The petticoat looks to be made out of rice. She wears black shoes with rice platform soles and magenta straps around the foot.

Her Happy Places version is altered in appearance. She lacks her eye-shadow and her hair is worn in short straightened pigtails at the bottom of her head with slightly altered bangs. She wears a similar head accessory as her original, along with an all red kimono with black lining and the same petticoat, obi, and shoes. 

World Vacation

This version of Sara has natural pink lips, blush, and eye-shadow. Her long white hair has pink tinsel through it and is entirely pulled back into a straightened ponytail held by two long braids tied into a ribbon. Her bangs are straightened and centered, and she has many streaks of baby pink throughout her hair. On the side of her head is an egg or vegetable flower-shaped sushi ornament and two magenta rope strands. She wears a black sleeveless kimono with a heart-shaped sushi on each side and baby pink lining. The chest has white frill trim and a magenta sailor collar to accent the rope ribbon on the right corner of her waist. The petticoat is white, covered in sakura flowers and petals. She also wears sleeves at her wrist matching her kimono, magenta textured tights, and baby pink heels with a sakura flower on the side and rice on top of the foot.


Sara Sushi comes with a green sushi-shaped comb, a pink sushi-shaped purse, her VIP card, and a clear doll stand.

The Shopkins included with the large Shoppie version of Sara Sushi are Peggy-Sushi and Sushanne.


  • She was the first Shoppie made with tinsel in her hair.


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