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Season Fifteen is the fifteenth overall season of the Shopkins franchise. This was the fourth season to use the Real Littles theme. The season released in October 2021, marking the largest gap between season release dates, with 16 months.

This season was a major surprise for Shopkins collectors, as there were many hints following Season Fourteen’s release that it was the final season. However, images of 8 packs surfaced online during July 2021, confirming the seasons existence.

Alongside that, the season would be unique, as it was the first season since Season Eight to have multiple waves, called Drops. Drop 1 featured Shopkins from seasons 12 and 13. However, unlike last season, there would be new characters, but they would recycle molds from already existing Shopkins. The Limited Editions were the Rainbow Twinkle Klondikes. Drop 2 characters featured entirely new characters for the first time since Season Thirteen. The Limited Editions were the Glitterfetti Real Littles.

Like the previous season, a large boxed set was produced, with it being known as the Metallic Mystery Micro Mart. Unlike Season Fourteen, this would be released before the release of the actual season, during mid-September 2021.


Real Littles logo.png
Eggo WaffleElla EggoBerry Nice PancakesButtercup PancakesChoco ToastiesCinna Waffle
Kris P StrawberryFrost Ed FlakesBDay Cake LoopsJack Caramel
Tiana Banana & Ciara CreamyCharlie Choc & Lily VanillaRichie 'n' Smoothie Pudding
Butterscotch BuddiesWendy Whoosh
Kasey CuisineFabulous FrankMatt 'n' CheeseRenatta RavioliGretti Spaghetti
Beefy FrankMaizey MealPot Pie PeteBeef E. Pot Pie
Glenn Grape JuicePenny Pumpkin SpiceGracie Grape PeachSherri Cherry Grape
Caitlyn KetchupPerry Pasta SauceBryce Diced TomatoSloppy JoeMary Lou Blue
Amanda Grape JellyCelia Strawberry Spread
Savory Snacks
Cornelia PopcornCorinne CrackersChocolaty Popsy PalsVinny PringlesRosy Ranch Pringles
Jal A. PringlesSpicy Cheez-It
Sweet Snacks
Krisp P SprinklesAnna Mel CookiesFudgey StripesBerry Cute SnacksCrunchy Munch
Choco Dough Pop TartPumpkin Cutie PiesRas Berry Pop TartCindy Apple Nutri Grain
Firecracker PopsicleCool ScribblerFreddy Fudge PopWendy Watermelon PopsicleLulu Lemonade Popsicle
Ice Cream Snacks
King ConeGiant NeoChoco TacoSandy KlondikeKrunch Klondike
Vanessa VanillaNeo Polly KlondikeMin T. KlondikeChoc E. Claire
Ice Cream Tubs
Berry BreyersCookie Dough BreyersCookie Cream BreyersVanilla Choc Breyers
Cherry Vanilla BreyersMin T. BreyersRoc E. Road BreyersCarmella Caramel BreyersCute Scoops Breyers
Frozen Pies
Ali Apple PieKiki Lime PieTammy Turtle PieStella Streusel PieConnie Fetti Pie
Sweet ChillsCool CutieICEE BlueMango Chill
Limited Edition
Min T. KlondikeNeo Polly KlondikeKrunch Klondike
Goldbears BunchHappy CherriesPeachesHappy Cola BottleHaribo Twin Snakes
Haribo FrogsHaribo Sour S'GhettiHaribo ABC LettersGoldbears SourHappy Cola Sour
Grape Kelly Jell-OLevi Lime Jell-OTerry Strawberry Jell-OWalter Mel Jell-OBarry Blue Jell-O
Mimi Mango Jell-ORenee Reddi-WipMegan Pecan PieVinny Vanilly CupcakeSally Sprinkles
Minnie Funfetti Frosting
Fruit Punch FranAdam AppleGary GrapeJune Berry JuiceMarco MangoMiss Minty
Max MacaroniCory Sweet CornVanessa VegetablesPolly PastaLarry Lasagna
Savory Snacks
Kosher Dill JillPickle Chip KipSimon SinglesSuzy SinglesOscar Bagel DogRonnie Pepperoni
Teresa Three CheeseSuper Pretzel SalPret and Zel BitesRicky SoftstixPoppy and Buddy Corn
Shirley Swirl StixPhilly Swirl CupPippa Fruit DipLucy and Lewis Fruit DipsDaisy Orange Dream
Jerry Cherry Lime ICEEQueen of Berries ICEELenny Ade ICEENicola ICEEMelly Grape ICEE
Limited Edition
Vinny Vanilly CupcakeHaribo Twin SnakesTerry Strawberry Jell-O

Drop 1

Drop 2


  • Despite the previous season being the third season of Real Littles, the new drop 1 characters' tags contain RL3 instead of RL4. The drop 2 characters include RL4.
  • During Drop 1's release, there was a noticeable quality decrease. Blind Bags were substituted with tissue paper, the cardboard Mini Packs were thinner and more prone to tearing, and many Shopkins' appearances were horribly disfigured. It is unknown why this occurred.