Shopkins S5 TV Commercial

Shopkins S5 TV Commercial

Season Five is the fifth overall season of Shopkins. It was released on May 1st, 2016. Season Five welcomes the addition of four new teams: Charms, Sport, Tech and Music. The ultra rare Shopkins of this season are minature charm versions of Season One and Season Two Shopkins. The Special Editions are the Electric Glow Shopkins, and the Limited Editions are toy-themed.

The Petkins from Season Four return, but instead of being their own separate team, they are included in the other teams. Also, instead of having baskets, crates, pet carriers or bags, this season features collectible and connectable backpacks with Petkin faces on them.



  • This is the first season to not include the Fruit & Veg team.
  • This season includes 12 more shopkins than the normal seasons. This is because the Charms Shopkins come in three variants.
  • So far, this is the first season to include limited editions having different finishes and different colored tags.
  • In an older version of the checklist, the normal Shopkins (not counting the Limited Editions and Charms) who were metallic (like Jane Frame, Mike Rophone, and Max Saxophone) did not have the metallic symbol. Newer checklists fixed that.
  • This is currently the largest season of shopkins, since there are 36 charms to collect.
  • The commercial uses a new anthem for the franchise, replacing the Shopkins, Shopkins! song.


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