Shopkins Season 4 Official TV Commercial

Shopkins Season 4 Official TV Commercial

Season Four is the fourth overall season of Shopkins, and was released in December 2015. The ultra rares of this season appear to be the entire Petshop team, and has a "shimmy" finish. The special edition is the large Petkins team, which takes up a whopping total of 48 Shopkins. The Limited Editions in this season are the "Perfume Pretties" which are all perfume bottle Shopkins. These Shopkins have a translucent finish.

There are dark purple bags in the style of Season Three bags that are only available in the Season Four So-Cool Metallic Fridge. Pink Season Three style bags and purple and pink Season Three baskets are included in the Season Four Shopkins Mega Packs. The baskets included in the 2 pack are pink crates, lacking handles completely. The 5 pack includes a pink pet carrier. The 12 pack includes a stackable translucent display case/suitcase. They all appear to be mostly for display purposes only. 




  • Up to this point, most Shopkins teams feature 7-10 different characters per team. However, this season features only 5 or 6 different characters in each team except for Limited Edition, Petshop and Petkins.
  • So far, this is the only season to include special editions in two packs.
  • Unlike the first three seasons, season four includes ultra rares being in the same team, while the first three seasons have them distributed in different teams. The same also follows in Season Five.
  • The commercial is the final use of the Shopkins, Shopkins! anthem, before it got completely renovated for Season Five.