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SHOPKINS - Wild Style - S9 TVC 30 - Which tribe your vibe?

SHOPKINS - Wild Style - S9 TVC 30 - Which tribe your vibe?

Shopkins Wild Style commercial

Season Nine is the ninth overall season of the Shopkins franchise. It was released in January 2018. The theme for this season is "Wild Style." The teams for Season Nine are known as "tribes," and the Shopkins from each team have a different finish. Also, for each tribe, there is a Shoppie and a Shoppet who match the theme of each tribe. All of the teams excluding the Limited Edition Shimmery Unicorns Tribe have either one or two returning Shopkins characters. This season features new "Shoppet packs" which replace the typical five packs.

Official Description

Welcome to Pawville, a whole new land to explore in Shopville! Back from their world vacay, the Shoppies found little paw prints and guess who they're from? It's the wild and stylish Shoppets - the cutest furry friends around! Come on in and discover your wild style! It's totally awesome-pawsome!



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