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Shopkins Mini Packs

Shopkins Mini Packs

Shopkins Mini Packs commercial

Season Ten is the tenth overall season of the Shopkins franchise which was released in late May 2018. This season includes new mini packs which include one Collector's Edition Shopkin from Season One, Two, or Three. The types of packs for this season include single packs which include one Shopkin in a mini pack, shopper packs which include eight Shopkins and eight mini packs, and variety packs which include twelve Shopkins and twelve mini packs. The Shop Style! Shoppies match this season of Shopkins, and Season Ten also includes the Pick 'N' Pack Small Mart playset.



  • Some Season Ten Shopkins' colors are more similar to their static artwork rather than their original toy variants.
  • This is the first season in which Shopkins toys are given iris colors.


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