Shades is an exclusive Shopkin from the Fashion Spree range. He is included in the Cool Casual Collection.


Shades appears to be a semi-circular yellow sunglasses stand that is wearing a pair of blue-rimmed sunglasses with purple lenses.

He has two Fashion Spree blind bag variants: One is a semi-circular yellow sunglasses rack with dark blue rimmed sunglasses and purple lenses. The other is a blue sunglasses stand with pink rimmed sunglasses and yellow lenses.

There is also a variant of him from the Shopkins Glamour Squad pack. This variant features him as a semi-circular pink sunglasses stand that is wearing a pair of yellow-rimmed sunglasses with pink lenses. He is lightly coated with glitter.


  • His art shows him with his arms out. However, his toy shows his arms to be in.


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