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Shopkins: Cutie Cars is a Mighty Kingdom app for iOS and Android. It currently has over 1,000,000 downloads.


Beep! Beep! The Cutie Cars have arrived in their first official game! It's life in the express lane! Join Cupcake Cruiser, Choc Chip Racer, Motor Melon, Donut Express and all their friends on their wheelie fun rides. With 20 Cutie Cars to collect, and more coming soon, the fun doesn't take a brake in Shopkins: Cutie Cars!

We <3 QT Cars!

- Collect and play with 20 Cutie Cars
-Go for a drive in the Cutie Cars world grabbing all sorts of power ups along the way
-Play, earn coins and unlock Cutie Cars


Collectible Power-Ups:


Description: Jump over any incoming car.

Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Cupcake Cruiser, Banana Bumper, Bumpy Burger, Wheely Sneaky, Roller Shaker, Pretzel Express, Ringo Car, Pop Rod


Description: Hide and seek! Turn invisible, allowing you to pass through other cars.

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Choc Chip Racer, Donut Express, Orange Rush, Wizzy Soda, Limo-Queen, Donut D'luxe, Bumper Balloons, Zippy Dippy, Cheeseburger Chaser, Juicy Driver, Purse Gear

Dance Party

Description: Turn up the beat! Other cars stop and dance.

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Strawberry Speedy Seeds, Lemon Limo, Motor Melon, Hatrod, Yo Go-Cart, Rollin' Gemstones, Melody Moover, Cruisey Cap, Sunny Sedan, Speedy Sunhat, Wheely Musical, Roadie Yogurt, Choc Top, Sugarbuggy

Double Dots

Description: Double up! Dots are worth double the points while this is active.

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Popcorn Moviegoer, Ice Cream Dream Car, Jelly Bean Machine, Milk Moover, Happy B. SUV, Sneaky Speedster, Moto Gelato, Ballet Coupe, Kissy Cab, Go-Go Donut, Gumball Go-Cart, Honey Pot Top, Cherry Ride, Poop Coupe, Pizza Roller, Tooty Teapot, Jellybean Buggy

Street Sweeper

Description: Clears roads ahead! A few cars will drive away from you.

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Sundae Scooter, Jelly Joyride, Rainbow Rider, Toasty Coaster, Apple Pie Ride, Scooty Tutu, Cherry-Pie Chaser, Cheesy Rider, Pearly Whirly, Laptop Limo, Coconut Car, Soda Roadster, Toots Le Macaron, TV Traveler

Beep Beep

Description: Look out! Other cars will try to avoid you.

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Peely Apple Wheels, Traveling Taco, Hotdog Hotrod, Candi Combi, Rain-Go Cake, Street Sneaker, Banana Split Trip, Pop-Up Truck, Carat Cake, Ketchup To Me, Binky Bumper, Mini Moto, Marble Motor

Snow Day

Description: Cold weather alert! Slows down other cars in the play area.

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Frozen Yocart, Zippy Popsicle, Icy Roller, Ice Rider


Description: I spy with my little eye! Grabs nearby coins and dots.

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Lollipop Soft Top, Wheely Wishes, Mint Sprinter, Candy Heart Car, Flashy Fashionista, Pickup Pumpkin, Speedy Summer Fruits, Beauty Van, Tropic Rush, Berry Fast Croissant, Applemobile, Chase Cookie, Treasure Drove, Wrapper Rider, Nacho Nacho Van, Raspberry Roadster, Egg Cart, Blossom Buggy, Fast Fries, Puff Rusher, Speed Camera, Wheelie Sweet, Polish Performer

Backup Signal (new power-up)

Description: Other cars will move backwards.

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Zoomy Noodles, Zappy Pineapple, Soft Swerve, Choc-Cherry Wheels, Peanut Butter Pickup, Zippy Lippy, Fruity Zoomer, Bagel Beeper, Speedy Spaghetti, Busy Blender

Sleepytime (new power-up)

Description: Nighty-night! Other cars stop and take a nap.

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Bubby Beeps, Fairycake Racer, Baby Buggy, Watch Wheels

Mystery Power-Up

Description: Surprise! You will get a random power-up!

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Royal Roadster, Drifter Gift, Heart Braker, Cruisy Croissant, Pancake Cruiser, Wedding Wagon, Perfume Le Zoom

Passive Power-Ups:

Power-Up Boost

Description: Makes power-ups last longer

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Cupcake Cruiser, Banana Bumper, Motor Melon, Lollipop Soft Top, Zoomy Noodles, Happy B. SUV, Toasty Coaster, Ballet Coupe, Applemobile, Peanut Butter Pickup, Rain-Go Cake, Heart Braker, Melody Moover, Street Sneaker, Bagel Beeper, Carat Cake, Cheesy Rider, Roller Shaker, Nacho Nacho Van, Roadie Yogurt, Binky Bumper, Speedy Spaghetti, Marble Motor, Busy Blender, TV Traveler, Polish Performer

Score Booster

Description: More points at the end of a round.

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Choc Chip Racer, Sundae Scooter, Frozen Yocart, Hotdog Hotrod, Bumpy Burger, Wheely Wishes, Choc-Cherry Wheels, Pickup Pumpkin, Kissy Cab, Berry Fast Croissant, Chase Cookie, Cruisey Cap, Banana Split Trip, Bumper Balloons, Coconut Car, Choc Top, Wedding Wagon, Pizza Roller, Toots Le Macaron, Puff Rusher, Purse Gear, Watch Wheels

Extra Power-Ups

Description: More power-ups appear in the streets

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Strawberry Speedy Seeds, Jelly Bean Machine, Milk Moover, Orange Rush, Zappy Pineapple, Mint Sprinter, Rainbow Rider, Sneaky Speedster, Speedy Summer Fruits, Wheely Sneaky, Go-Go Donut, Yo Go-Cart, Icy Roller, Limo-Queen, Sunny Sedan, Pop-Up Truck, Speedy Sunhat, Pearly Whirly, Pretzel Express, Fairycake Racer, Poop Coupe, Fast Fries, Sugarbuggy, Speed Camera, Ice Rider, Wheelie Sweet

More Coins

Description: More coins appear on the streets!

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Popcorn Moviegoer, Lemon Limo, Peely Apple Wheels, Candy Heart Car, Royal Roadster, Beauty Van, Scooty Tutu, Fruity Zoomer, Pancake Cruiser, Raspberry Roadster, Honey Pot Top, Ketchup To Me, Zippy Dippy, Baby Buggy, Ringo Car, Tooty Teapot, Perfume Le Zoom

Super Dots

Description: Blue Super Dots appear in the streets that are worth 5

Cutie Cars Who Have This Power-Up: Donut Express, Traveling Taco, Ice Cream Dream Car, Jelly Joyride, Candi Combi, Soft Swerve, Zippy Popsicle, Wizzy Soda, Flashy Fashionista, Moto Gelato, Tropic Rush, Hatrod, Bubby Beeps, Apple Pie Ride, Treasure Drove, Rollin' Gemstones, Zippy Lippy, Cherry-Pie Chaser, Cruisy Croissant, Donut D'luxe, Gumball Go-Cart, Wrapper Rider, Wheely Musical, Cherry Ride, Blossom Buggy, Mini Moto, Soda Roadster, Jellybean Buggy, Juicy Driver, Pop Rod

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