Shopkins Wiki

Following the immediate success of Shopkins, many board games were released throughout 2015. They are simply classic board games but feature Shopkins characters. Most of these games don't include exclusive Shopkins characters.

Supermarket Scramble

Race your Shopkins around the supermarket visiting fruits & veg, dairy and the frozen foods section. Collect a token at each of these locations before braving the sundae summits as you move toward the bakery for one more Shopkins token! Be the first player to collect one of each kind of Shopkins tokens and to reach the finish space to claim victory. Watch out for runaway cart spaces that scoot you to different departments in the supermarket! Includes 4 collectible Shopkins characters (2 are exclusive to this game). Includes 1 folding game board, 4 Shopkins movers, 16 Shopkins tokens, 1 spinner card, 1 spinner arrow, and 1 instruction.


  • In this game, Miss Mushy-Moo is mistakenly referred to as simply "Miss Mushy."

Toss Across

Shopkins Toss Across is simply a Shopkins variation of the classic game of Toss Across.

Pop 'N' Race

Shopkins Pop 'N' Race is simply a Shopkins variation of the classic game Trouble.

Designer Dash

Can you put together your very own Shopkins outfit? On each turn, hide a Shopkins shoe in your hand--the other players try to guess which hand it's in. If you fool them you move ahead on the board; if they find it they get to move you. Either way, you'll get the chance to collect clothes and accessory cards. The first player to put together a complete outfit wins. 

Shopping Cart Sprint

The object of this game is to collect five different cards of Shopkins and travel along the board game back to your store, which depends on the color of one of four carts included in this game.

Monopoly Junior

This game is simply a Shopkins variation of the game Monopoly Junior.