Shopkins Holmes
Ep 27 spk holmes
Episode Number 27
Preceded By No Pain, No Gain
Succeeded By X Marks the Shop
"Shopkins Holmes" is the 27th episode in the Shopkins cartoon series.


Official Synopsis

Kooky Cookie has gone missing!! Can you help the Shopkins Holmes and Cheeky Watson find Kooky in the Small Mart?


Shopkins Holmes and Cheeky Watson are sitting in their office when all of a sudden Strawberry Kiss bursts in and informs them that Kooky Cookie is missing! She begins to tell them that she and Kooky were at Small Mart when she got a call from Lippy Lips, and that when she returned Kooky had vanished. They all begin to search Small Mart for hints of Kooky's trail when Shopkins Holmes spots a splash of milk. The gang goes to question none other than Spilt Milk, and they go to question her. She states that he doesn't know anything about Kooky's disappearance and that she just slipped in a puddle of her own milk and ran away so no one would think she's clumsy. Then Kooky Cookie bursts in and states that she had just gone out in Shopville this whole time!




Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 27 "Shopkins Holmes"

Shopkins Cartoon - Episode 27 "Shopkins Holmes"

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