This page is about real life Shopkins stationery products. If you are looking for the Season Three team, see Stationery (Team).


Shopkins erasers are erasers in the shape of Shopkins characters. Some of these erasers are scented (i.e. Apple Blossom smells like apples) and some of them are unscented. They may vary in sizes from giant to regular sized.


Shopkins pencils are pink pencils that feature Shopkins characters on them, such as Chee Zee, Cheeky Chocolate, Apple Blossom, and Strawberry Kiss.

Pencil Toppers

Shopkins pencil toppers are pencil toppers that are in the shape of Shopkins characters. They feature a large piece of plastic sticking out of their feet for you to insert the tip of your pencil into. Each pack comes with a small pink colored pencil.

Clicker Pens

Shopkins clicker pens are large plastic pens that have the logo for Shopkins on them. Each pen has a small figure of a Shopkin on there, and the pen is colored the same as the Shopkin. (Ex: Apple Blossom's pen is green)


  • Most Shopkins figures have holes on their feet allowing them to function as pencil toppers, therefore making the officially marketed pencil toppers redundant.