The Shopkins Webseries is the official animated series for the Shopkins franchise. It is animated by Pixel Zoo Animations. Its main running networks are YouTube and Netflix. So far it has produced a total of 85 episodes. It debuted on June 24, 2014. In August 2014, Moose Toys built brand awareness with their Shopkins short cartoon videos on their YouTube channel Shopkins World, but it was the YouTube videos of consumers unwrapping and playing with the toy that helped catapult its success. Each episode formerly ran one to three minutes long, but as of 2018, each episode runs about four to seven minutes long.






  1. Check it Out
  2. Acting Up
  3. Loud and Unclear
  4. Choosy
  5. Frozen Climbers
  6. Chop Chop
  7. Breaking News
  8. Beauty Pageant
  9. Christmas Sing Along
  10. Pop Goes the Babysitter
  11. Lovers Day
  12. The Big Cheeky Hunt
  13. Shopkins of the Wild
  14. Superhero
  15. The Mystery of the Doors
  16. Welcome to Shopville
  17. Fashion Fever
  18. The Spatula
  19. Halloween
  20. Shopping Cart Rally
  21. Fashion Frenzy
  22. Vay-Kay
  23. 12 Days of Shopkins
  24. Kooky Monroe and the Shopkin Shadow!
  25. Free as a Strawberry
  26. No Pain, No Gain
  27. Shopkins Holmes
  28. X Marks the Shop
  29. Fair Weathered Friends
  30. A Piece of Cake
  31. A Walk in the Park
  32. Lost and Hound (Part One)
  33. Lost and Hound (Part Two)
  34. Lost and Hound (Part Three)
  35. Lost and Hound (Part Four)
  36. Swing Vote (Part One)
  37. Swing Vote (Part Two)
  38. Swing Vote (Part Three)
  39. Swing Vote (Part Four)
  40. The Shopville Games (Part One)
  41. The Shopville Games (Part Two)
  42. The Shopville Games (Part Three)
  43. The Shopville Games (Part Four)
  44. Power Hungry (Part One)
  45. Power Hungry (Part Two)
  46. Power Hungry (Part Three)
  47. Power Hungry (Part Four)
  48. Silly Season (Part One)
  49. Silly Season (Part Two)
  50. Silly Season (Part Three)
  51. Silly Season (Part Four)
  52. Ain't No Party Like a Shopkins Party (Part One)
  53. Ain't No Party Like a Shopkins Party (Part Two)
  54. Ain't No Party Like a Shopkins Party (Part Three)
  55. Ain't No Party Like a Shopkins Party (Part Four)
  56. Ain't No Party Like a Shopkins Party (Part Five)
  57. After Party (Part One)
  58. After Party (Part Two)
  59. After Party (Part Three)
  60. After Party (Part Four)
  61. Shopkins Bring Europe to Jessicake (Part One)
  62. Shopkins Bring Europe to Jessicake (Part Two)
  63. Shopkins Bring Europe to Jessicake (Part Three)
  64. Shopkins Bring Europe to Jessicake (Part Four)
  65. Shopkins World Fair (Part One)
  66. Shopkins World Fair (Part Two)
  67. Shopkins World Fair (Part Three)
  68. Shopkins World Fair (Part Four)
  69. Shopkins World Fair (Part Five)
  70. World Wide Vacation (Part One)
  71. World Wide Vacation (Part Two)
  72. World Wide Vacation (Part Three)
  73. Lights, Camera, Shopkins! (Part One)
  74. Lights, Camera, Shopkins! (Part Two)
  75. Lights, Camera, Shopkins! (Part Three)
  76. Lights, Camera, Shopkins! (Part Four)
  77. Look Within
  78. Be Mine, Cutie
  79. Go Cheeky!
  80. Hey! Listen!
  81. Keep in Touch
  82. A Shoppet Out of Pawville
  83. SPK Checkout! (Episode One)
  84. SPK Checkout! (Episode Two)
  85. SPK Checkout! (Episode Three)


  1. The Fabled Lost Shopkins


  • Written By - Ross Hastings, Matt Kinmonth, Adam Woods, Tahlia Gee
  • Produced By - Paul Gillett, Tayler Rossetti, Adam Woods, Tahlia Gee
  • Directed By - Paul Gillett
  • Animation Studio - Pixel Zoo Animation Studios (formerly called Flux Animation Studios)
  • Animation Layout - Paul Gillett, Adriana Thomann, Ryan Zujic, Nicole Clowes, Francis Staton, Nani Thomann
  • Voice Artist - Kate Murphy, Paula Araujo
  • Music & Sound - Ack Kinmonth, David Williams
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